Commercial Electrical Service

Isn’t it comforting to know that there is a 24-hour electrical service in League City, Pearland and Pasadena, Tx who can attend to your company’s electrical service needs, 7 days a week! Rose Electric meets the requirements of its customers by making ourselves available around the clock. When you are seeking electrical services for your business, you need someone with the skills and the knowledge to handle the job. Our electricians are State of Texas Class 2 unrestricted licensed. This means they have completed in-depth and thorough training to assist you with practically every service request you have. No one wants to lose business due to an electrical issue, and we know you have to move quickly to get the problem resolved. Turn to Rose Electric and we’ll be there in a hurry!

The world runs on electrical power. This truth applies even more to businesses. Your enterprise should never experience a loss of power. At Rose electric, we ensure that everything is in good working condition and that your business has durable equipment that will prevent you from ever losing power. Our electricians are thorough and will make sure when they install any electrical parts for you that they are installed safely and that the wiring is done properly. You are in good hands at Rose Electric.

Rose Gives You the Best

We know just how important the quality of work is to be for your commercial needs. This is why we only work with the absolute best, most qualified and skilled electricians in Texas. Their skills enable them to handle the job quickly and with the highest level of efficiency. Rose Electric provides every commercial customer with the best services possible, no matter what type of service we are performing for you.

The Preferred Service

We believe our services are preferred to our competitors because we are very honest and upfront regarding our prices. We will never get into the process before you have an accurate account of the work that needs to be done, how long it will take, and how much it will cost. That would be taking advantage of your situation, and we would never do that. Our name, reputation, and respect for you are far too important to us. We will assess the situation and give an honest estimate before work begins. We will never offer you an arbitrary quote based on guesses about what the problem might be. If you have a budget for this type of work, we’ll make it work for you. Our customers appreciate our willingness to work with them, which we do because we want your business and don’t want you to go to our competitor. We know we can offer you a better quality of service than they can. We are confident in our ability to effectively address your service needs. We work with businesses of every type and size. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are, we have worked with them all! Call us today for your free estimate.

Recent Reviews

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  • I finally used a service that offered me my money’s worth, Rose Electric! Thank you for being so professional and offering a fair price. I don’t have a lot of time so I appreciate them getting the work done in one day. Robin S 04/02/2018
  • The electrician from Rose Electric came in and knew exactly what to do. He was able to calm me down because I thought the problem was much worse than it actually was. I’m glad I called Rose Electric when I did. Stan C 04/09/2018
  • I really appreciated the level of professionalism displayed by the electrician who served us. We had to call him late at night but he didn’t seem to mind. We’ll definitely call Rose Electric again in the future if we need an electrician. Sandy B 04/16/2018
  • Working with Rose Electric from day one was stress free! He was very professional and polite throughout all my questions! He made sure to be on time and get the job done perfectly! I recommend him for any job! Kellie Jones 07/17/2018
  • Aapy Electricals experience 10 yes India Kuwait UEA 919152127917 call number Mohammad Jahangir Alam 08/14/2018